1. Katie mathews

    Some great tips. Not sure that I agree with cancelling my roadside assistance, I like to know that I have 24/7 help that I can call. Great article Nicole.

    • The Thrifty Issue

      Hi, Katie, she didn’t say cancel it completely. She said to find a mechanic who offers this free with your regular maintenance, so you still have that help 24/7.

      “We’re not suggesting you cancel your subscription and leave you high and dry, but instead find one of the many mechanics out there who offer free roadside assistance when you get your car serviced at their workshop via a third party.”

  2. Lisa

    Great article! I find so many women (and men) have no clue about the cars they drive, so your article offers some great tips! Thanks.

    • The Thrifty Issue

      Absolutely. It wasn’t until I spent some time as a single mum that I realised how little I knew about cars, but I learnt quickly.

  3. Bridget McGowan

    Great article Nicole!! Thanks!!! I particularly like the first and second points! When I was a young driver (a million years ago) I used a mechanic around the corner from my house for convenience. I then started dating a guy who knew stuff about cars and he started to teach me. By learning some skills myself, I discovered that the mechanic I was using was ripping me off big time for simple things like oil changes and air filter changes etc…
    But now, many years later, I’m glad to say I think the industry has improved quite a bit and treats women with more respect (as customers with a voice and a smart phone!!!). The mechanic I use now is fabulous!
    So yes – definitely important to find a good, reliable mechanic you feel comfortable dealing with!

  4. BEC McDonald

    Great article Nicole.
    I really should clean out my boot. 🙂

    I know I used to take my dad or partner to the repairs shop as I always felt they would me rip off because I was ‘female’

    But I know have a very reliable one.

    Interesting facts about the air con.. I use mine way too much… goodbye petrol.

  5. Meagan

    After reading this I cleared all the excess junk from the car and pumped up the tyres. Already can’t believe the difference it’s made to my fuel economy. Great article and great reminder, thanks for sharing your knowledge

  6. Freya

    Great article Nicole! So many points I wasn’t aware of. The ladies car care course sounds pretty useful too! I completely agree, it’s so important to understand the vehicle you’re driving, for your own safety!

  7. Sue

    Good point about footwear. I was driving in thongs the other day and my foot slipped off the break.
    Driving in heels ruins the shoes too!

  8. Brenda

    Great tips! And I totally did not know that about the a/c. Good idea to start paying more attention to our cars seeing as we use them everyday. Might check out my manual for light reading tonight

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