1. I pet-sit, and freelance write. Once I get good at art I’d like to sell my artwork, eventually I’d love to buy a rental home, invest, etc. I have PLANS.

    Love this blog article because instead of saying there aren’t any opportunities, you are encouraging for people to look for opportunities. I love this. =)

    • The Thrifty Issue

      Thank you Lila. Great to see you have plans and it is so true, there are loads of opportunities if we look for them!

  2. My dh has been out of work for 18 months now. We’ve sold a bunch of stuff on Craig’s List. I’m introducing a new product to our business for menopause sufferers like myself and I’d love to start a seminar for another idea I have but not sure how.

    • The Thrifty Issue

      A new product sounds promising! Sorry about your husband. You could probably do a webinar or seminar aimed at menopausal women if that is the new product in your business.

  3. Very clever ideas…some that I’ve never consideed. Seasonal work in the US like during the holidays or in the summer also brings in extra cash. I have friends who work at a farm stand to cover the cost of their child’s summer camp.

    • The Thrifty Issue

      Great idea! I know farmers here have had issues getting staff and that our government introduce a tax on backpackers which has impacted things so it would be easier now for residents to do farm work and other seasonal work. Thanks for the tip!

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