1. This is brilliantly helpful – especially as I’m currently trying to cut back. I think the theme for me that I loved in a lot of these is to keep comparing and getting better deals on products like insurances. I tend to do all my research up front and then always stick with the same providers instead of continuing to look around for better deals.

    • The Thrifty Issue

      Thanks, Mim! I think most of us tend to research up front then set and forget. Even if we compare when a renewal comes due instead of trying to set aside time regularly to compare everything it will save us money.

  2. Amazing tips there Kylie and so many of them too! I recently bought a trampoline and a swing set with flybuys points, saving me $400. I’ve been in the scheme since it started back in 1994 and have been able to save thousands over the years – it’s so easy for the points to add up.

  3. These are truly helpful tips for residents of Australia or expats living in Oz. I personally would add housesitting jobs to this list, which result in free accommodation whenever you have no fix address or are travelling around Australia for a while.

    • The Thrifty Issue

      Great tip! I used to housesit when I was a teen/young adult (before kids). It was a great money saver. I have a few friends who do it a bit too.

  4. Wow! What a brilliant list. I have just done an overhaul on expenses. The last thing I have to fix is my health insurance but I am a little concerned on changing providers even though it is half the price with nearly the same benefits!

    • The Thrifty Issue

      I just switched, but was forced to really because my provider I had been with for nearly 5 years was not a preferred one for the hospital my surgeon operates at and I have to have annual surgery. Check with your current one if they will match it, but go through the cancellation team or do the ‘switch’ then when your current provider is notified, they will call or ask you to call and it’s a different number. The customer care people on the end of that call have more power and can do more than when you ring to ask, if that makes sense. Because if you have already made the switch, clearly you are leaving. All fund have a 30 day cooling off period though, so your original fund can offer to sweeten their deal to keep you and you cancel the one you were switching to at no cost.

      I hope I explained that properly!

  5. This is a fanstatsic list! And so good to see an Aussie take – many finance blogs are US based but the tips sometimes just don’t apply here. My electricity is overdue for checking (I assume, mostly because I can’t remember the last time I checked it). Our food budget is $200 per fortnight. I own my car outright so I only have maintenance/insurance costs on it.
    I envy your ability to have moved from a large house to a small unit but never in a million years could I do that. Our two bedroom house now is too small for us. I need space around me. Plus we have a dog and units are so pet-unfriendly. And I don’t like being close to other people!

    • The Thrifty Issue

      Thanks Vanessa! It was a huge change but we love it now. Small space living definitely suits us. I look forward to buying a unit and being able to implement the space saving hacks I have that I can’t do here while renting. And true, they are pet-unfriendly. We had to give ou chickens back to the farm when we moved, but we visit them occasionally still.

  6. We already do quite a few of these things. I married a tight arse…erm.. I mean, an accountant, so he’s pretty switched on with this stuff. However, I could probably save a bit more on groceries and a few little things. Great tips!

  7. These are so helpful! Thank you for sharing 😀 I have always hang dried my clothes, that is a way I have always saved money. Also, planning a menu for the month prevents us from going out to eat – also saving money.

    • The Thrifty Issue

      Menu planning makes a huge difference to the grocery budget! And yes, hang drying clothes definitely impacts the electricity bill.

  8. Hi! My and my partner actually did a lot of these advices a couple of years ago and it actually worked! So for all of you who reads this: you can save thousands and thousands of dollar! It only took one day for us to make all the calls. Great advices!

  9. Meghan

    I am actually checking into loyalty programs and signing up for credit cards with travel bonuses myself. I definitely got “free” roundtrip tickets to europe because of the points! If there’s ways to save money so I can travel more, I’m all about it. Great post!

  10. Elizabeth O.

    I love saving money especially since I vet to have more budget for my kids. It’s really helpful to keep an eye out on discounts, coupons, and sales!

  11. Myteenguide

    These are great and helpful tips. Can help a lot of people to save money. I will keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Brilliant Idea. There’s a lot of money saving tips, but the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that, you are the one who decide for yourself. Just know what you wanted to achieve in life and what you want to do with your savings.

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