4 reasons to have office plants

Does your place of work have plants inside? Did you know they are scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase productivity? Indoor plants are something all work places should have, not only to be aesthetically pleasing, but for its numerous health benefits. With office plants, you have two options, buy them or you could hire them. Plant hire often works out cheaper than buying plants for the office, plus this allows your staff to focus on their work and reap the benefits of having plants in the office instead of needing to care for them and get distracted if they need replacing or extra care.

4 Reasons to Have Office Plants

Why should you have office plants?
Reduce cold and similar illnesses by 30%
Sick days reduce productivity and impact on the profit your business makes. Indoor plants help reduce this by decreasing dust and increasing humidity to create a more natural environment to work in.
They have also been shown to reduce headaches, as they help remove airborne contaminants and increase oxygen in the air. This means, instead of stuffy, stale office air, your staff will be breathing fresh air which is better for overall health.
Improved mental health and overall well-being
Studies have shown, people in hospital who have a garden view recover quicker than those who do not. Plants provide us with a more optimistic feeling, thus, having plants in your office helps increase overall health and well-being for everyone.

Filter the air

As mentioned in reason one, plants improve air quality which relates to a variety of health benefits, but to get more specific, some plants filter specific contaminants. For example, gerbera remove trichloroethylene, a component in dry cleaning and is commonly found in offices, along with benzene that comes with ink; snake plant (also known as sanseviera trifasciate ‘laurentii’) filters formaldehyde, found in cleaning products. You can’t stop these chemicals coming into the office, but with plants you can naturally remove them, thus increasing health in the office and as a result, productivity.

Boost creativity
Plants have been shown to boost creativity and help clear your mind by keeping the air clean around you, reminding you of nature and often prompting memories which help creative ideas flow.

So how do you get plants in your office?
You could buy them, install them and have a staff member look after them or for as little as $5 a week, you could hire office plants and have it maintained by someone else. This includes hand watering and fertilizing, dusting, cleaning, pruning, disease prevention and treatment, free plant replacements and plant rotation. Considering they can reduce illness and sick days, you would recoup any outlay for the plants quickly as well as you bottom line!

What are some indoor plants you like? Does your office have plants or do they need to get some?

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