5 tips to increase productivity when packing

Packing up and moving, whether it’s your home or office, can be an incredibly stressful and time-consuming process if not approached methodically. Like any other facet of moving into a new location, being a more productive packer is all in the planning. These five tips will help you get organised.


1. You can never have too many boxes

When it comes to packing, the only thing you ever need more of—besides time—is space. Stocking up on boxes in the days before you start packing is a great idea, but people often make overly conservative estimates on how many boxes they will need. Companies like Fort Knox Storage
will allow you to buy boxes of various sizes in bulk. Better to have too many boxes than run out, because you never know when you’ll need spares.

2. Don’t go overboard with newspaper

You don’t have to go crazy trying to protect the fine china when packing. You can always choose stronger, sturdier boxes like tea chests. If you prefer to cover your precious items with newspaper before boxing, you don’t need to go crazy with it. Really, all the newspaper is there to do is keep things from getting scratched and, if something were to break, keep the pieces from spreading through the whole box and doing more damage.

3. Many hands make light work

Rope in as many people as you can to help you pack. Get your kids involved, too. If you can get your friends over to help, make it worth their while: order some pizza and put some music on. The more people you have helping you pack your things away, the better. This way you can potentially get multiple rooms packed up at once and have the packing stage of your move over and done with before you know it.

4. Go room by room

If you’re forced to go it alone, you should create a proper plan of attack. Don’t try to rush your packing. Tackling each room separately allows you to better allocate your resources and keep track of various important items. Keeping items that belong to the same room together will save you time and stress when unpacking at the other end. It seems fairly straightforward, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t pack this way.

5. Mark everything clearly

The biggest favour you can do yourself when packing will be to keep a sharpie or permanent marker handy. Whenever you tape up a box, make a note on the top of which room the box comes from and a description of which items are in it. This will mean you can take each box directly to its corresponding room at your destination rather than piling all the boxes up in one room and trying to figure out where everything belongs.

Increasing productivity when packing is really only a matter of strategy. Stock up on boxes, have a plan and try to stick to it as much as you possibly can. What are your favourite ways to increase productivity when packing? Share your tips in the comments.

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