1. I’ve asked for help, but it hasn’t come. I don’t drink, but I don’t sleep either as I’ve had insomnia for 17yrs. It’s not the past that I’m reacting to, it’s the present. My dh has been out of work for 18 months and I’ve had several chronic illnesses for years and a surgery on Tuesday …and I’d LOVE some change!

  2. The Thrifty Issue

    Sorry to hear of your struggles. I know how difficult it can be, having been through all of that myself. Hugs to you. Hope it improves soon.

  3. I used to be SOOOO afraid of change. So much so that I would have panic attacks if anything didn’t go my way, and I didn’t plan at least a week or two in advance. Now….. My life changes on a minute to minute basis!! And I LOVE IT!

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