6 Tips to de-stress

The words that come out of my mouth are betrayed by the physical symptoms appearing on my body.  “I am not stressed”, yet my mouth has ulcers, my shoulders are tense, I have stomach cramping and bloating and my fingers have developed a rash.  This happens every time I get stressed.

Does this happen to anybody else?

It’s often when my body starts to fail, that I will sit down and run through my de-stress techniques, which I’m going to share with you today.  Feel free to share with me your techniques too.

1.) Determine what is causing the stress

Most of the time, I don’t even know.  So I start to make a list of what is going on in my life – including the past few weeks and the upcoming weeks.  Usually, this will flag the issue.

2.) Deal with the physical symptoms  

The Wisebread website has a list of natural remedies that I mostly use for stomach aches.  A good massage and/or  a few sessions of yoga will help with tight muscles.  I find a good nights sleep will help with a few stress symptoms as well.

3.) Take time out

I remove myself from anything or anybody negative, and don’t place myself in any stressful positions, no matter how mild they are.  I stick to a basic routine and try not to fill my calendar.  I try to spend a few days just getting the house into order, get myself organised and fit in as much rest time as possible.

4.) Some people find socialising helps with stress

I find with my busy routine that I tend to cut back on socialising.  However, I do like to talk things through when stressed, and really thrash them out with a trusted person who has a good listening ear.  I feel that I need to release all my thoughts, and if I can’t talk to somebody about them, then I write them down.

5.) Stop eating emotionally

Usually, by the time I have worked out that I’m stressed, I’ve eaten my way through the takeaway catalogues and it’s time for me to detox and focus on getting healthy again.  I often take this time to ensure my meal planners are prepared for the week ahead, check the cupboards are stocked full of healthy food and get my body back on track (without alcohol as well).

6.) A good long walk or run

Exercise on a beautiful day is a surefire way to release some of that stress.  Either go by yourself, or take the family.  Either way, your body will thank you for it.  In times of stress, I tend to neglect exercise … so this is a great time to ensure it’s back in the schedule for the upcoming week along with some regular meditation.

So I’m off to try some of these techniques to get myself back on track again. What are your tips and tricks to de-stress?

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