• The Thrifty Issue

      Hi Paul, we don’t have the same issues to the extent the US does. Our degrees are significantly cheaper and up until recently, if you didn’t earn over a certain amount in the occupation related to your degree, you didn’t have to repay the loan from the government. We get interest free loans from the Government, so quite a different system. I can’t imagine starting life with a student loan the size of a mortgage.

  1. Hope everyone is striving to be debt free. We started with our smallest debt and once that was paid off put the money toward the next debt. Didn’t take long to see the end of the road.

  2. Some great tips here! We’re currently in the “Sell off your excess” stage. It’s amazing how much we have that we don’t really need. I’m enjoying seeing a whole lot of space open up in our home as we get rid of stuff too!

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