1. Christina

    I find My Opinions really good and never have any issue with them. Your Voice has gotten much slower but you don’t have to wait for emails either Just go on to your dashboard and check. I got an extra two surveys today alone doing that. RewardsCentral is just rubbish now. They got taken over and things got changed and if you don’t shop through them you’ll get next to no points. There are heaps of survey sites out there. I’m a member of about 12 and always have over $100 a month coming in. Every little bit adds up!

  2. Kathryn

    Dear Author,

    There is a new contender in the Australian Online survey market, OctopusGroup.com.au, I’ve read their website and have joined up. It was pretty easy.

    And they list that their MINIMUM survey rate is almost double the nearest provider.

    They are pretty frank with their details, maybe you should quiz them and let your readers know the outcomes?

  3. Joan

    Swagbucks doesn’t seem to offer $5 for 500 Swagbucks anymore. 2500 SBs for US$25 are the minimum if you want to redeem in cash.

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