1. Hi Kylie,
    I was just wondering if you’ve also heard of the ‘Savers Plus’ program offered via Brotherhood of St Lawrence? http://www.bsl.org.au/Saver-Plus
    One of the conditions of application is that you’re a concession card holder. I used the program to help start up an education savings fund, which paid out 100% increase at the end of 10mths towards the children’s education expenses. Well worth checking out if you’re eligible.

  2. Because of my inbetween job/going full time to part time I’ve just become eligible for a health care card & was wondering what they could be used for! Great timing to find this. Sadly in QLD it doesn’t entitle you to concession public transport, which would be the most useful additional benefit for me.

    • admin

      That’s unfortunate they don’t offer that. I do wish it we had the same concessions for all states instead of it varying so much.

  3. Jean

    Hi Kylie,
    I tried getting remimbursed for my car registration using my Health Care Card and VicRoads wouldn’t do it. I paid my car rego about a week prior to receiving my Health Car Card.
    Just wondering where you got your info from? Perhaps it doesn’t apply in Victoria?

    • admin

      As it says in the article, each state is different. Sometimes it also depends on who you talk to on the day which makes it a little frustrating and inconsistent.

  4. Hi Kylie, My niece is in Melbourne visiting her Grandmother. She has a Western Australia Health Care Card as she is at Uni . She was using public transport today. When purchasing her ticket she asked if they accepted the WA healthcare card. Ticket person said yes. On the train an Inspector said she couldn’t and would be fined. He said the ticket person was incorrect. She is going to get a $275. fine and it will be a court case.
    So does that mean Melbourne don’t accept WA Health Cards. It doesn’t seem fair when she was tring to do the right thing.
    Can you help us on this Kylie Please.

    • Hi Joy,

      I have heard of some states not accepting other states student id’s, but not health care cards. I would look into objecting it, as she does have a concession, did ask the ticket person and was trying to do the right thing. Good luck. How awful.

  5. Paolina

    Pensioners in n.s.w. do not pay car rego (apart fro the CTP) why did I have to pay rego in queensland. Same for water rates, in nsw discount is $150, why $30 in queensland?

  6. Dave

    As far as NSW Car rego, if a couple own two cars and both hold a pensioner concession card each, are they allowed to get free NSW rego on both vehicles? Thanks.

    • admin

      Dave, you would need to double check with the RTA. If you own your car and your partner owns there, presumably you should both be eligible for concessions on your respective cars and I can’t find any information online to the contrary. It might help to go in separately/pay them individually as each Centrelink reference number will be applied individually, but I have known of others having issues when doing things together vs going in separately. It came down to the person on the desk knowing what to do. Good luck and if you can, let us know how you go with it please? Thank you!

    • admin

      Check with your local optometrist. Otherwise, I highly recommend asking for your prescription including the pupillary distance (commonly known as PD) and ordering your glasses online. If you go to stores that offer ‘two for $199″ or similar deals, their glasses are exactly the same as glasses from places like Zenni Optical. I have been purchasing my glasses online for 5 years now at around $10 to $30 each, I have had them checked and they are exactly what I used to pay $500 for. I’ll do a post about it soon.

  7. Kiran Bhogal

    Hi Kylie. We have moved from the UK to ACT, we got here at the end of August. I have received a health care card today and obviously have no idea about any of the concessions. We paid for our car rego, would we be able to get this back and whom would I go to and ask? In regards to public transport, is there a concession in the ACT for that as I have been using a my way card up until now. Again, who would I go too to find out that info? With the bills, I’m gathering I would need to speak to the electricity and gas people separately. Any help would be great.

    Thank you

  8. veronica banen

    I truely dont understand why each state is different, the federal government manage centerlink payments, or am I a bit dumb on where the money comes from. I also dont get it that home owners assets test limit is lower than non home owners, we had to endured the high interest rates of the eighties where a lot of people just walked away because it was just too damn hard. We went without holidays, dinners out etc ect just to hold onto our property, I was granted a part disability pension about a year ago now and because my husband’s superannuation and the bit we have saved is just over the limit my part pension has been stopped. There is absolutely no incentive in this country to save for a rainy day, renters dont pay rates, they dont have to maintain a property and all the expense that goes with it, I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY I’M BEING PENALIZED. The $200 a fortnight was a big help in paying for my medications. I usually don’t write on public forums but I’m annoyed, if an eighteen year old can walk out of school having put nothing into the system and get payments something is wrong with this country.

    • admin

      Hi Veronica, it is frustrating that each state is different. Centrelink payments come from the federal government, however the concessions and businesses or government organisations invloved with those concessions are not run by the federal government, hence the differences. Registration, transport etc are done on a state level. Electrcity etc have different taxes, exemptions and rates in each state and aren’t government owned.

      It is difficult too, with the home owner vs renting and payments given as a result. I never understood why that is, as it is still a huge cost of living and I know many owners who after working hard their whole lives end up losing their home or living in poverty, they would have been better renting at that point.

      And I am sorry to hear about your payments being cut off. There is no incentive to save or improve when it is made this difficult. I hope it can be sorted for you quickly. Always appeal decisions.

  9. Christine Lansley

    Hi I am trying to find information on concessions available on Commonwealth Seniors Health Cards in NSW.
    It would appear that different utilities ( electricity, water etc) and different councils also have different rules!
    Could you tell me if concessions apply on car registration costs.?
    Many thanks

  10. sharon

    Hi I am on a pension card have recently move from another state to nsw my car rego was renewed before I moved am I untitled to a refund on rego

  11. nicole

    I no this is an old thread but heres hoping ill get a response still.
    I recently put 12 months nsw rego on my car
    But i just recieved my pension n pension card.
    Can i claim money back on it.

    And what steps to do so.

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