How to slash your beauty budget

As part of my challenge to find or make an extra $100 a day for a month, today I am tackling beauty. I am fairly frugal with beauty since I am a qualified hairdresser and beautician. I DIY pretty much everything but there are a couple of treatments I prefer in a salon plus I have been fussy about beauty brands in the past.

Here is what I have done specifically this month PLUS tips for you to save money on beauty.

How to slash your beauty budget

1.) Collated and booked in all gift certificates
I got given 2 gift certificates for massages in April, then hurt my back in May. I have been unable to use them, so called the salons and asked if I could use them for other treatments that I do usually get. The price is more at these salons than what I pay at my regular one, but since I have the certificates, they are ‘free’. This saved me $200 for the next 3 months.
I also have a bunch of discount vouchers from different events I have attend. I have collected them all and started to plan accordingly. I prefer to be loyal usually but these are good discounts.
2.) Round up all beauty items in my house
I have been sent a lot of beauty products to try over the last 2 years. I have most of them sitting in a box in my bathroom. I went through the whole house, found all the items I have, selected the ones I will actually use and have listed the rest for sale. If they sell, it will be about $200 worth.
3.) Mix up body scrub
My favourite body scrub is oil, sugar and green tea. I put the oil in a container, mix in sugar to my liking (approximately 3x sugar to the oil), open a tea bag and empty that into the scrub then mix it up. Or try this 2 ingredient scrub.
4.) DIY treatments
There are loads and loads of diy recipes that are cheap and easy. Check out some tips here – Do $12,000 per year worth of beauty for only $1,000!

To get specific about my challenge for today, I did my hair myself (foils, toner, treatment and trim worth $180), did a facial, manicure and pedicure. I don’t pay for any of this usually so I won’t count them in my total. I will be counting the gift certificates I have booked to use, so my current total is $560 plus whatever comes from what I have listed to sell.

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