1. […] 3.) Real estate I have had a rental property before, as have my parents, my partner and many other people I know. I love property! It isn’t always smooth sailing, however if you are smart about your investing there are many ways you can make money from a property. Some buy in areas that are set to have infrastructure upgrades to get in before an area booms and sell for a profit, others look at great rental opportunities. 
I have rented our rooms though AirBnB or had flatmates, other times I rented out the whole house to tenants when I lived interstate. It all depended on the circumstances. A great example of different ways to make money with property, using a house I lived in can be found here. […]

  2. Caroline Kelly

    Best to confirm firstly how a granny flat can be used. Some councils state that a granny flat can only be used by a member of the owner’s household. Hence, renting it out to non-family may not be allowable.

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