101 ways to make money from home

It is possible to make money from home without joining party plans or selling your soul! Everything I have listed here has been done either by myself or by someone I know. Full disclosure, there are some affiliate links in this post for services I have used for a long time and know they work. This … [Read more…]

3 ingredient scones

These scones are very easy, are a great way to use up cream that is going off and leftover lemonade. They are the perfect post party recipe to stop you wasting food! Ingredients 1 cup cream 1 cup lemonade 3 cups self raising flour Method 1.) Preheat oven to 180C 2.) Place all the ingredients … [Read more…]

Chocolate pancakes

Chocolate pancakes with ice cream and chocolate sauce is one of my favourite desserts and the fact that they are so easy to make is even better You can adapt any pancake recipe by adding cocoa and chocolate chips but below is the recipe I use. Ingredients 2 eggs 2 C SR Flour 1/2 C … [Read more…]