1. Deb Harrison

    Vouchers for the family to eat out are always a fun prize. Places like Hog’s Breath are great for some family bonding!

    • The Thrifty Issue

      True! I loved going places like that as a kid and my daughters ask to go to cafes and restaurants all the time. Thanks, Deb!

  2. Shell

    Mens items, its hard to find a good item for hubbies and brothers and so forth when you are so focused on saving time so doing tings as quicki as possible.

  3. Great giveaway and what a great way to welcome new and old followers. I would love to win a holiday, to try and make up for the blogger trip to Dubai that I missed out on. I also basically just need a really good holiday, one that isn’t work related.

    • The Thrifty Issue

      Totally understand the need for a good, non-work related holiday! This is definitely something I hope to giveaway here in 2017!

    • The Thrifty Issue

      I love supporting Australian businesses. We definitely try to work with them as much as possible. Thanks so much, Sue.

  4. Deborah Bolam

    The Summer Box with the sugar free products looks great, all the prizes look wonderful any ideas for presents for teenage boys my nephew is 15 and so hard to buy for might have to go with a gift card again this year

    • The Thrifty Issue

      I love that box! Teenage boys are hard. I have 3 brothers and it was usually gift cards they wanted. Not exciting, but they used them at least. Will definitely have to have a think on that one. It would be great to offer some giveaways on stuff teen boys want. I rarely see them!

  5. Hmmm, products I’d love to see include pretty stationary and stickers, picture books and art supplies! Lovely to find your site, I can’t wait to have a look around!

  6. Georgia

    Experiences over stuff. Could be for movies, gift cards, ebook a, courses, places like zoo, museums.
    Our family goal for 2017 is to live with less stuff.

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